Become a Lender

We would love to partner with lenders who want to work with DCHFA and our homebuyer products. Please download the our approval process document and follow the steps below to become an approved participating lender.

1) Attend DC Open Doors Lender Training

Please attend our DC Open Doors Lender Training. Training is a combination of a webinar and a hosted conference call. Lender Training is approximately two hours and it is required for all newly approved lenders. DCHFA will offer lender specific training webinars primarily dealing with post-closing issues for those lenders that request it or are identified by either DC Open Doors or Lakeview Servicing as needing it. Each participant must register individually so user credentials can be provided.

3) Await Approval

DCHFA will review the submitted documentation within 5 business days and provide the lender with written approval to participate in its mortgage program(s) or feedback regarding the submission. DCHFA’s written approval may be provided via electronic mail. The lender must also be an approved correspondent lender with Lakeview Servicing before it can participate in DCHFA’s mortgage program(s).

Contact Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC at CRM@Bayviewloans.com

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