Available Programs

DCHFA’s multifamily housing program offers financing to create and preserve affordable multifamily rental housing throughout the District of Columbia. The program offers private for-profit and non-profit developers low-cost construction and permanent financing that supports the new construction, acquisition, and rehabilitation of rental housing to meet the demand of quality affordable housing for individuals and families throughout the city.

We have 4 programs available to developers. Please take a look below to learn more about each one.

Multi-Family Programs:

Mortgage Revenue Bond Program (MMRB)

The Multifamily Mortgage Revenue Bond Program (MMRB) is used to facilitate affordable multifamily rental housing projects. Long-term debt is raised for DCHFA’s financing programs through the sale of tax-exempt and taxable bonds in the municipal bond market.

DCHFA / HUD: Level 1 Risk Share Program

The 542(c) Risk Share is a program independent of FHA’s traditional mortgage insurance that provides credit enhancement on HFA originated loans.

McKinney Act Loan Program

McKinney Act Loans are short term predevelopment “bridge” loans that can be used to finance the acquisition, predevelopment and rehabilitation costs associated with housing development.

HIP Multifamily Investment Pilot

The Housing Investment Platform Multifamily Invest Pilot (HIP Multifamily) is a multifamily investment program designed for the new construction and preservation of workforce rental housing units in the District.

Single-Family Programs:

Housing Investment Platform (HIP) Single Family

The Housing Investment Platform (HIP) is a single family investment program designed to create more affordable housing throughout the District of Columbia.

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